Friday, October 31, 2008

First! Nike CB4 Hyperdunk.

At least somebody was on the ACC hardwood wearing their Chris Bosh Hyperdunks at the Raptors home opener, (yours truly). No, I didn't drop 31 and 9 and lead my team to an overtime victory, but with the Raptors wearing the black is the new red uniforms, CB4 was rocking those hot little black and blood-laced player exclusives that will never see the light of day at retail. If anyone with pull is reading, can I get a hook up pretty please? We wear the same size.

As the pics are all over the web, you're likely well aware that Nike Canada has launched an exclusive Hyperdunk and signature CB4 apparel line. With hoodies, shorts and T-shirts, even you, you, you (insert echo effect here), can look like an Olympian and NBA All-Star. The shorts are dope with the CB4 logo and the tops have a cool flywiresque silhouette of Bosh, which looks good, (except in the metallic print). So what is it with Nike righting the wrongs and saving these Raptors franchise players anyways?

Rewind to 1998: Vince Carter, the highly touted North Carolina player is drafted 5th overall by the Golden State Warriors, who promptly trade him to the Toronto Raptors. Vince goes on to impress and amaze in his Puma Vindicators? *Insert sound of record scratching to a halt here* I don't think any NBA players have endorsed Puma since Ralph Sampson and Clyde Drexler, (the latter retired 10 years ago), but Vince went on to win Rookie of the Year in 1999. Carter then tried to get out of his contract and wore various shoes throughout the season, won the Slam Dunk contest in AND 1's, but eventually signed with Nike and started doing things like this.

Fast Forward to 2003: Chris Bosh is drafted 4th overall by the Raptors out of Georgia Tech. The rail thin kid from Texas goes on to make the NBA All-Rookie First Team in his Converse Icons, as part of the clever "Freshman Class" campaign including Dwayne Wade, Kirk Hinrich, Michael Sweetney, and Troy Bell. Rumoured reasons from lack of apparel to lack of profile from Converse, made way for him to graduate to the big brother company Nike. The Swoosh didn't make him a better player, as Bosh has steadily improved his game and stats year over year, but of course he gets his first Olympic gold medal with the Redeem Team this past summer in the Hyperdunk. Yet more importantly, they have now given him the opportunity to have his own signature line, north of the 49th parallel.

Am I Nike biased? Yes, but I can be bought! There's enough room on the blog for everyone, but until someone even attempts to sway me from the company that has been with me from Day 1, I like Nike.

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