Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Balls Don't Bounce Trivia.

What basketball player was on the cover of EA's NBA LIVE '99 video game, but only played in 46 games last season, and hasn't incurred any signifcant injuries?

Last year he averaged 8.o points per game, far below his career average of 17.5 ppg, and will likely see about the same court time, (or less), this year?

Hint: It's not Joe Smith.

For the answer click here.

Post in the comments if you got it right without looking it up.

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Dj RyB said...

Damn. I totally forgot that 'Toine was on the cover of NBA Live! He has had one of the quickest declines of anyone in the league over the past few years. I am a huge C's fan so I always rooted for him back in the day even though he was frustrating as hell to watch. He was actually better than Pierce for a few years!!!