Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bring Back Damon.

Watching the Toronto Raptors in the pre-season, their most glaring weakness is their depth, particularly at the point guard position. While Roko Ukic isn't quite ready yet, and Will Solomon has apparently been spending more time collecting sneakers than assists during his time in Toronto.

I'm lobbying for a return of the Raptors first ever lottery pick, Damon Stoudamire. We don't need him to average 19.5 points a game like he did for us 10 years ago, we just need some solid minutes off the bench in support of Jose Calderon. Damon could be that savvy vet, who can initiate the offence and isn't looking for his own shot all the time, (like some people).

It's that simple. We can send Roko to the D-League to get some minutes, because he can play, The Stampede need a point guard as well, with Randy Livingston retiring and becoming an Assistant Coach this season.

Damon wanted to play for a championship, but I'm sure more importantly he still wants to play, which is something he isn't doing right now. Returning to where he got his start, he'll be getting some minutes, the Raptors will compete (remember, they play in the Eastern Conference), and he finally can end the smattering of boos he gets whenever he sets foot on the ACC hardwood.

Problem solved.

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gibbers said...

This idea would only be fruitful if Damon could get off the pipe long enough to get on the court and make those plays the Raps need to be a contending team...

Boooooo Damon..

If that's the case bring back Dee Brown, Chris Childs, Rafer Alston, Juan Dixon or even Vince Carter I am sure they all want to play too!!!