Friday, February 27, 2009

L.A. L.A. Big City Of Dreams.

Ice Cube and Snoop are west coast rap icons and die hard hoops fans. Sitting courtside whenever possible, and players in the NBA Entertainment League, the two G's always represent for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Backstage on the set of Snoop's new TV show Snoop After Dark, they're discussing which Lakers jersey's should be hung from the rafters. But Kobe's #8 jersey? Not so fast my friends, I hope you guys haven't been enjoying too much of that Cali Cush. You can't hang up someone's jersey while they're still wearing it, and you can't retire Kobe's without retiring the Diesel's.

Fortunately this is definitely way better viewing than watching Paris Hilton's freestyle with the Doggfather.

Thanks to Peace Magazine for the tip.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twit Happens.

Some people have asked me about the irregularity with my blog posts? "Irregularity" would be putting it mildly actually, but getting bogged down with some poorly timed deadlines hitting simultaneously had a big deal to do with it. The other half of the story is my new lil friend Twitter. If you're not familiar with Twitter, here it is in their own words:
Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?
It's basically micro-blogging, or status updates and you're limited to 140 characters per post. You're able to include links to share information with others, and you can "follow" other people's feeds, or they can follow you. Shaq, and Chris Bosh are some of the more active twittering NBA players among others. By now, you've likely heard about Shaq's Twitter Diner adventure, but really it's a great place to connect with people, get information and share ideas with others.

At least you know where to find me when I'm not around. Feel free to follow me,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Forward This E-Mail To Bryan Colangelo.

Last night my best friend DG came through with tickets to the Raptors game.
The Raptors after a hard fought game eventually beat the Timberwolves 110 - 102, I lamented to him how everyone was getting excited about this victory. Beating a team without their best player that has an 18-38 record, despite how hot they have been lately is what they're supposed to do.

I thought his response was interesting and I'm posting it as it raises some good points and questions, honestly the e-mail may be better suited in Bryan Colangelo's inbox. Feel free to forward it along.

DG: Be grateful for the win, we lost to Oklahoma City.

Realistically speaking, can Calderon, Bosh, Bargnani and Marion(or other FA) constitute the core of a winner in the NBA? I like Marion but most championship teams have a guard or sf who can create off the dribble. I have seen Jose do that but not sure if he looks to beat his man as his first option.

So assume:

Bosh is a 20/10 guy every night
Bargnani is a 20/5 guy every night
Marion 15/10 guy
Calderon puts up 15 and gets 10 assists

The insert whoever else at the 2/3, Graham, Parker someone else.

So this is best case, your key guys are putting up 70 points a night, we know there is no depth so that’s a big problem if anyone is hurt.
Do you feel we can challenge in the East? On paper it looks good, but when I think about it, even with those numbers I don’t see us beating Cleveland or Boston, Orlando maybe.

So I think we have overlap in the 3 & 4 (Bosh, Marion, Graham), no real depth in the PG spot or even the SG spot. The other thing is Bargnani and Bosh have to show me they can step up and play against good teams.

Don’t want to start rebuilding again, but can we win around the three key pieces we have? If so what do we need to add, what will it cost?

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Postman Cometh.

Got a little something in the mail today, well the box was a bit larger than a little. It's always nice to be thought of, and the good folks at Nike Canada looked out. I guess someone is reading my blog cause everything I've written about recently was in the box, a pair of Air Force 1's, pair of Air Jordan 2009's, and a pair of flip-flops. Ok, so I haven't written about flip-flops, and while I haven't started mentally making outfits I've figured out that they will likely all get worn on the same day, AF-1, (daytime), AJ2009 (gametime), flip-flops (post-game).

And no I'm not showing off, I'm just showing, if you have your own blog and people sending you stuff you can do it too. Big ups to Beleza!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Football/Soccer Is Better Than Basketball.

While football, (soccer to you), is a fantastic sport, one thing I really love about it, is the celebrations after the goal. With basketball you score so often and there isn't really time to come up with a slick celebration, because you have to play defense. But could you imagine if Chris Paul did this to his teammates after hitting a game winning shot?



I love watching people getting dunked on.
I hate Duke basketball.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The NBA, Where Selling Your Soul Happens.

So the NBA has brought the game of H-O-R-S-E back and I was pretty excited to see it. You know, all those crazy shots that players work on at the end of practice that no one can top? Or like that old Jordan vs Bird McDonald's commercial with the trick shots, "off the floor, off the backboard, nothing but net." But I already have no desire to see this before it starts, as they've changed the name of the game to G-E-I-C-O. Yes, the unstoppable David Stern who would give up your auntie to Gatorade for some more G, has sold the name of the game to Geico for corporate sponsorship.

I don't think it gets, any worse than this folks, I thought all those movie promos tying in with the NBA Finals, were a bit of reach, but this time he's gone too far. It's likely that Steve Nash will come in and slaughter the competition with an array of soccer dribbles, flips and headers that likely no one could match, but I won't be watching. I understand the benefits, the dollars, but this is a breach of ethics Mr. Stern, you can have Craig Sager come out in a lizard print suit, you can have the Geico caveman, and the gecko doing colour commentary, but you can't change the name of the game.

Charles Barkley must be rolling in his grave.