Sunday, June 8, 2008

My first basketball shoes.

When it was apparent I would be the starting centre for my Grade 8 basketball team, I came to the conclusion that I had to get a pair of real basketball shoes.

As there was no such thing as Eastbay on the interwebs back then, and Collegiate Sports was lacking the flavour, I did what all cool Canadian kids did at the time... try and get some shoes from the States. The Bronx to be exact, in 1984 unaware of the Air Jordan odyssey unfolding, I was just happy to be getting a pair of high-tops. So when I got my Nike Penetrators, I not only played the part, I looked the part. In retrospect, that likely was the beginning of my obsession with sneakers and basketball. Knowing you can't look like a bum stepping on the court, just as much as you have to be able to play as good to justify your kicks, was something I learned early, and still hold dear.

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Jennine Stalder said...

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