Thursday, October 30, 2008

Charles Barkley for Governor 2014.

On Monday, Charles Barkley sat down with CNN's Campbell Brown, and laid it all out with absolute candor discussing the upcoming U.S. election. While we tend to keep politics to a minimum around here, (although ABDB has publicly endorsed Barack Obama), whenever The Round Mound of Rebound opens his mouth, something interesting is bound to happen. In this interview he talks about The Bradley Effect, racism in America, Barack Obama as a role model, and his plans to run for Governor of Alabama in 2014, (yes you read that right).

His desire to run for Governor is something that the Hall of Famer has discussed for some time, it would now appear that he has put a firm deadline on his goal. While many never thought that Charles Barkley would ever have a shot of becoming Governor, there are probably ten times as many who never thought the U.S. would have a black man running for presidency of the United States. Kevin Garnett put it quite simply after the Celtics won their championship last year when he screamed "Anything is possible!"

...and just for nostalgia's sake.

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