Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Best Blogger Alive?

On "Let The Beat Build", our man Weezey, confidently claims he's "the best rapper alive", I'm now wondering if he's gunning for another title as I was shocked to discover Mr. Carter is now blogging for ESPN The Magazine. Displaying he's pretty in tune with NFL, MLB, fantasy football and his appreciation for college sports, it seems that he's a bonafide sports fan. Citing North Carolina as his favourite college squad dating back to the days of MJ, and how Chris Paul reached out to him wondering why he hasn't been mentioned in the blog yet are all interesting.

I find it fascinating with the whole celebrity blogging phenomena, everyone wants to read what they say, I won't lie, I'm definitely curious too. And while I likely may come off sounding like those journalists who don't think bloggers deserve the recognition or accreditation they deserve, I personally don't think Wayne sat down and typed these entries. I'm not saying these aren't his words, or he doesn't appreciate sports, but I find it very hard to believe that he sat in front of his laptop with his styrofoam cup and knocked out those long insightful entries.

I'm not accusing him of having a ghost blogger, I just think he likely dictated his posts to someone. It's not cheating, but most bloggers don't have the luxury of talking to someone and leaving it for them to finish. We have to come up with our ideas, articulate our thoughts, write them, edit them, deliver them, pretty much like a rapper does. So my point is, Mr. Carter, that you will never be the best blogger alive, if you don't build your blogs from the top to the bottom.

Now that's how you let the blog build b****!