Monday, October 20, 2008

I Heart Candace Parker Part II.

Candace Parker, what can't she do? If I could draft her on my fantasy basketball team, I would. After making it to the conference finals with the LA Sparks in her first year, playing alongside Lisa Leslie, not only was she named WNBA Rookie of the Year, but also won WNBA MVP honors.

This is the first time a WNBA player has won both awards in one season, and it's only happened twice ever in the NBA, when Wes Unseld did it 1968-69 and Wilt Chamberlain did it in 1959-60.

Averaging 18.5 points per game and 9.5 rebounds, (leading the league), 2.3 blocks per game (2nd in the league), and leading the league in double-doubles, the other CP3 didn't fall short of the hype she had coming into the season. After a storied collegiate career at Tennessee, winning the national championship, and player of the year, she also snagged an Olympic gold at Beijing this summer, with the U.S. Women's Basketball Team. While she didn't win a WNBA Championship within that year falling short of some cosmic triple crown. She has already proven she can dominate on the next level, and lest we forget was the first woman to throw it down in a game. Oh, and was she was of course named to the All-WNBA First Team, and All-WNBA Rookie First Team, and did you know that Tiffany & Co. design the MVP trophy? I didn't.

Since the MVP photo is so cheese, I'm including another pic of the league MVP. Hey, it's my crush, and my blog, I can post as many pics as I want!


Audley said...

Your're right..Candace Parker had a hot year despite not winning the WNBA title.

More importantly, she gave 12 & 13 year old girls a dream to aspire to and one day surpass.

I can just imagine what the battles in driveway of the Parker household must have been like between her and Anthony.

P.S. - Canadace was the second girl to throw it down in an WNBA game. The first was her teamate Lisa Leslie back on July 30, 2002.
Howevere Candace did it twice in one season, Lisa didn't.

Dj RyB said...

I love Candace Parker! She is nice with the rock and could definitely hang with the guys at a high level. And she is fly as hell! I am right there with you with the crush.