Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Now I'm not trying to get my TMZ on, but I was digging through Google Images yesterday, and I came across this old pic of Sacramento Kings great, and current head coach Reggie Theus. Aside from the obvious "WTF" reaction, it reminded me of a story I was told personally 6 years ago, by a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/producer who is a loyal Kings fan. Now the story had laid dormant in my memory banks until now, largely as I didn't really give much credence to it, but this pic screams Blue Oyster Bar to me.

It basically went along the lines that they both happened to be dining at the same restaurant, and after meeting and exchanging mutual admiration, Theus had offered to orally pleasure, said artist. When he asked to make sure of what he had heard, it was reaffirmed and was then told it would be "really good." He didn't take him up on his alleged invitation and told me how disappointed and repulsed he was.

I wonder how he feels now that Theus is the man behind the bench in Sacramento?

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Heyhomee said...

It could always be worse... it could always be worse.