Friday, January 9, 2009

No No Delfino.

With the recent reports of Bryan Colangelo exploring bringing back Carlos Delfino to fill the Raptors needs, maybe he read my post suggesting it last year? Well while it sounds like the ideal fix, apparently the likelihood of him leaving Russia for the balmy climes of Toronto are slim.

Apparently, Delfino isn't quite ready to jump ship yet. A top international scout and a person directly involved in NBA front-office dealings -- said Delfino is integral to Khimki BC's plans and loyal to its coach. Essentially, Delfino is committed to the team for the rest of the season and will re-evaluate his options afterward. I can think of one thing that would have the Argentinian set in staying aside from money, and that's playing time, one thing he wasn't getting consistently in Toronto.

I'm assuming that Colangelo isn't even interested in my second suggestion of Garbajosa, who can fill some rebounding needs and provide that energy and defense we lack, but one out of two ain't bad.

Thanks for CBS Sportsline for the info.

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