Sunday, January 18, 2009

Marion & Banks-for-O'Neal plus one more?

Well as everyone has discussed the rumoured Jermaine O'Neal for Shawn Marion trade, I've decided to throw my two cents in. Due to on court chemistry with Bargnani and Bosh the experiment isn't working and while I like what JO brings (when he's healthy), it comes at a costly expense. As the aforementioned duo are the Raptors future, something's got to give.

I like this proposed trade for Toronto. While I understand the Raptors' need for size, defense and toughness hence the move for O'Neal, I was a fan of the rumoured TJ Ford for Gerald Wallace trade in the offseason, as we also needed a slasher that can rebound and defend. Since we're not going to make the playoffs anyway, we don't need to worry about having some interior size and toughness. We can slide Jamario and Joey back to the bench where they are more effective, and Marion will likely lead the team in rebounding, and become our defensive stopper.

Now for the other parts of the trade; as Marcus Banks is one of two players on the Heat's books past the infamous 2010, Riley will want to get rid of the journeyman point guard. Banks is an improvement over Will Solomon, and I say that with confidence as anyone is an improvement over Will Solomon.

However, here's the kicker... we need to get Joel Anthony in the trade. Not only because he rebounds, blocks shots, bangs and he's Canadian, but we've given up our best big man and still need a presence to compliment Bosh & Bargnani. Jake Voskhul and Kris Humphries are not going to do it for us, it's really just that simple.

You're thinking, "Why would Miami give up their starting centre when they're picking up injury riddled Jermaine O'Neal?" Because they already have big bodies in Udonis Haslem, Jamaal Magloire, Mark Blount and are awaiting the return of the heart or kidney, of the franchise Alonzo Mourning. Plus, Anthony's contract is negligible ($711,517), and comes off of the books this season, so it's not like the Heat are holding it to clear space. Unfortunately, the same can be said for Magloire, as he has a similar situation in terms of years and contract, ($797.581), but far less attractive in the production department. I'm sure Riley would like to throw Magloire in as the boobie prize.

Regardless the trade may not even happen, but the conjecture is always fun.

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