Monday, January 19, 2009

Want To Call Your Own Game? Now You Can.

Matt Devlin drives me nuts, but his Will Solomon call on this particular play is a gem.

When Raptors play-by-play man Chuck Swirsky left last season, I know you were thinking that you could do a better job, and this was your chance, but they hired Matt Devlin instead. While most of us aren't truly ever happy with how games are called and some analysts should be put out to pasture, (see Billy Packer), web 2.0 has made up for it. With the ability to Twitter games, or even discuss in chatrooms or a liveblog, we have all been able to put our own personal signature on sporting events.

Now, Yoostar, a software company that established itself enabling users to insert themselves into famous movie clips via camera, software and green screen, has now announced a deal with the NBA. They will be offering game footage from the final minutes of memorable games from NBA teams as well as select top picks from NBA Drafts.

Want to make the play-by-play call when Jordan shoves Byron Russell? No problem.
Want to announce Sam Bowie as the #1 draft pick overall, over Michael Jordan? No problem.

Of course you have to pay for the system, ($149.95 Suggested retail price US), and pay to download content, but as we have seen, technology has a crazy way of circumventing some of these things. Or you can just splice your audio to any video highlight you want, not like it hasn't been done before. If you're tired of hearing "Killer B's" on Raptors telecasts, here's your quick fix.

With thanks to Sports Rubbish for the lead.

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