Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Raptors Post-Game Report: Doug Smith Channels His Inner LL Cool J.

I actually don't mind Doug Smith from The Star, so this is more clowning than hating. But for real, he licked his lips FOUR times in 60 seconds, I couldn't help but notice, so I counted. He could have possibly gone for a fifth if they didn't cut away to that stellar shot at the end of the ACC parking lot. Somebody get this man a drink.

Oh and kudos to the Raps for beating the Magic, one of the better teams in the east. Now they have to prove they can play at this level more consistently, (that means you Bargnani).

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Anonymous said...

Sweets ... Is there a reason why you're watching Smitty's lips ... then comparing it to LL??? Is there something we should know? lol

I'm a fan of Smith's blogs and articles, but the post-game video wrap up has not been too kind to Toronto's favourite beat grunt. Poor guy can't wear sweats to the game anymore.