Friday, December 12, 2008

The Euro vs The U.S. Dollar.

A co-worker walked up to my desk today, (*shakes fist at the open concept office*), and asked me "Howard, Ruffin or a D-Leaguer?" As I knew he was referring to the Toronto Raptors shortlist for stopgap interior options, my response was "No, no and no!" Why the hell are we even considering these guys? They will make zero impact on the squad and will be a complete waste of a roster spot. We already have borderline NBA players on our team, see Will Solomon and Hassan Adams.

The Raptors need players that will contribute and make a difference. Ironically, two players we severed ties with last season would fill gaping holes and fit the Raptors Euro-aesthetic. But would Colangelo swallow his pride and bring back Jorge Garbajosa and Carlos Delfino?

Garbajosa provides a bigger body that can rebound and defend, while Delfino is the slashing wing that we lack and also has the ability to handle some of the PG responsibilities. Because of the infamous World Championship incident, where Garbo insisted on playing for Spain before he was fully recovered and missed the season, Colangelo soured on the versatile bigman. While the prospect of going into the luxury tax and lack of consistent minutes is what allowed Delfino to go overseas. Ironically they're both playing for BC Khimiki in Russia, (along with former Raps Milt Palacio and Jerome Moiso), and getting paid handsomely. Regardless based on their history, we know what they can contribute to the team.

The Raptors have the roster space, and they know that having both of these guys on their roster is a marked improvement over having Solomon and Adams. I'm not one to call for it often, but this one of those times where it's better to have euros than greenbacks in the line-up. With little or no trade material, just pick these two guys up and take the luxury tax hit. Apparently the Knicks are already looking at Delfino, who does have an out in his contract.

After falling under criticism of late (particularly here), this is a move for Bryan Colangelo that can make his team better without sacrificing anything except some $$$.

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