Monday, January 19, 2009


So the NBA got all "interactive" this year with a fan vote for the last competitor in the NBA Slam Dunk contest. While the campaign was cute, I always questioned the highlights they used to showcase Fernandez, Joe Alexander and Russell Westbrook, really nothing spectacular. Granted they're all rookies, so their highlights may have been somewhat limited, (especially since Joe rarely gets burn).

However the clip above was seen by millions, and the newest Spaniard on the block will be competing in the Dunk Off this year, as voted by the people. If this wasn't a North American geo-targeted vote, the other guys were doomed from the start. I like Rudy, but I think his ability to dunk on people is his strong suit, and he won't have that luxury. Creativity is the key, not saying it's in question, but Dwight Howard has the market cornered right now, and he's my pick to take it, (again).

My vote was for Russell Westbrook, I like short guys not named Nate Robinson.

With compliments to The Oregonian.

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