Monday, December 29, 2008

We Have More To Thank China For Than Yao Ming... Streaming Pirate NBA Games Online!

The Toronto Raptors incited an uproar when they sold 25 of their regular season games off to The Sports Network, (TSN). TSN in turn packaged the games onto their new digital satellite channel TSN 2, the kicker being that TSN 2 wasn't being picked up by practically every Canadian's cable provider, Rogers. Of course this wasn't in the public consciousness until just prior to the kick off of the season, making it a pain for many to change up their complete cable game. Meanwhile there are claims to resolve this situation with nothing really forthcoming.

So what has the alternative been to watching the games you just can't see on TV? Streaming them online. This is basically piracy though, many like myself would deem otherwise. The NBA definitely sides with the latter, and according to The New York Times is getting together with other sports leagues around the world to do something about it. An interesting article where they feel unlike the music industry, it doesn't make sense to sue the individuals that are streaming the bootleg games, but shutting down the sites and working with the local governments is the solution.

While I can understand the necessity for foreign countries that don't have the access to North American sports as we do, as well as the need to shut it down, a Rockets and Mavericks game last season streamed to over 1.1 million, (mainly in China). Can they really explain the bonehead moves made by local corporations to cash in on a deal and leave their fans and consumers hanging in the balance?
Can they?

Rant over.

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