Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do You Know This Man?

It's not much to go by really, but you know those times when a face is vaguely familiar, but you just can't place it?

Well the story goes like this... Heading south for the holidays, I did the cost effective drive to Buffalo to fly out to Atlanta. Landing in the ATL terminal the gentleman in question disembarked and was being chatted up by a couple of dudes, he then posed for a picture and was on his way. I knew he wasn't a rapper, a notable producer, or a recognizable actor, and he wasn't much bigger than me, so I ruled out athlete. By the D&G denim and hoodie I pegged him as an R&B artist, and as my contemporary R&B game is real weak, it's likely I may not know his identity. so I left it at that.

Moments later, bored as we waited for our baggage to come up, I was trying to figure if some clue would tip me off, then one of the man-fans stepped up beside me. "Yo man, who was that dude you took that picture with?" I asked. "That's Will Solomon", he replied. "Will Solomon from the Raptors?" I said, amazed at myself for not recognizing him. I almost laughed out loud as one of my home team players had me stumped.

Two things surprised me: One, I clown Solomon every chance I get due to his ineffectiveness as a back up point guard and his penchant to shoot first and ask questions later. However he's never really on the court for more than 11 minutes a game which is why I probably didn't recognize him out of uniform. Secondly, why is an NBA player who makes over $700,000 a year doing the hour long drive from the T-Dot to the armpit of America at 7:00 AM? I mean I understand being fiscally responsible, but why not pay the extra $200 to fly out of Toronto? Unless maybe he's trying to duck haters like myself in Toronto.

Well in the spirit of the holidays, I didn't hate, just gave him a head nod and went about my merry way.

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