Monday, December 29, 2008

Steve Nash Interview: NBC Sports Is That The Best You Could Do?

Phoenix Suns point guard and Canadian hoops icon Steve Nash sat down with Graham Bensinger from NBC Sports recently. Call me ignorant, but I had no idea who Bensinger was until today, and didn't even think he interviewed athletes until I checked out his site. The segment where he asks Nash about all of his drunken adventures was painful and pointless. I also like how he asks Nash about the prospect of "going home" and playing for the New York Knicks. Doesn't going home constitute returning to the place of your upbringing? Bensinger should have just flat out said he didn't know where Victoria was.

Enough about the interviewer, Nash touched on the changes in Phoenix, being a point guard, his foundation, his drive and potential destinations once his contract is up, all in his signature laid back, earnest and honest style.

I think I would have just wanted to hear more out of Steve Nash than what said interviewer delivered, there is so much to this guy, but I guess I'll just save it for the ABDB interview.

To view all of the segments log on to NBC Sports.

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