Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The 20 Second Timeout Featuring Brandon Jennings.

Today is the introduction of a new section to ABDB, it's called The 20 Second Timeout. It's basically a word association exercise game where you say the first thing that comes to mind, with some this-or-that selections thrown in to mix it up.

Our first installment fittingly features trailblazer and former All-American high school superstar Brandon Jennings. The first and only baller to jump from high school straight to the Euroleague, playing for Lottomattica Roma in Italy.

Basketball - Life
Point guard - Leader
Oak Hill – Basketball school
Rome - Pasta
Role Model - Allen Iverson
New York – Bright lights
NBA – A dream come true
Terrence (Brandon's little brother) – The future
Family - Everything
First Sneakers - Air Jordans
Gucci or Louis Vuitton? - Gucci
Pistol Pete or Larry Bird? - Pistol
Pasta or Burgers? - Pasta
Lebron or Kobe? - Kobe
Pass or shoot? - Pass
X-Box 360 or PS3? - X-Box 360
Chris Paul or Deron Williams? - Chris Paul
Zone or man-to-man? - Man-to-man
Hightop fade or Gumby? - Hightop fade


Photo by Dustin Snipes.

*Look out for a feature story on Brandon Jennings in the upcoming issue of handle magazine, by yours truly.

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