Friday, December 19, 2008

From Riches To Rags.

Sometimes I wonder how wild I would get if I fell into some money, not just some money, but NBA-superstar-money. We've all seen MTV Cribs, we know how the better half are living, but I'm not necessarily curious to see if I would change, but just doing weird/vain things with my home like my man Dwayne Wade.


I'm not sure if it makes it better, but D-Wade sold the house in 2007, I'm sure the current inhabitants must take time out each day and wonder why this man has a sketch bust of himself on the wall...

The other side of the game is Derrick Coleman, a former #1 draft pick and NBA stud. Coleman had the pro game, but possessed a YMCA attitude. Never realizing his potential, and never really seeming to care, despite his gifts, he was an All-Star once in his 15 season career. Ironically the same amount of appearances he made on you-know-your-career-is-over TV show Pros vs Joes.

Now it seems that Coleman has fallen on tough times, liquidators are selling off his assets at 75% off.
Sherwood has been selected to handle the liquidation of the entire house of furniture and accessories from basketball star Derrick Coleman. All contents are in excellent condition and displayed at our warehouse for unbelievable savings.
While I hardly have any insight on Coleman's finances, it always makes me wonder when I see NBA player's excess, cars, exorbitant homes, etc. The kind of stuff that takes some players from rags to riches and back again.

D-Wade estate photos courtesy of The Hoop Doctors, Derrick Coleman bankruptcy news comes via Fanhouse.

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