Monday, September 8, 2008

What the Tuck?

If John McCain played basketball, we could replace the presidential debates with a game of one-on-one, better yet two-on-two, and each candidate could select any player in the world to be their teammate and sell it to pay-per-view. Unfortunately he doesn't, so we'll just stick with the lone baller in this race, Barack Obama. Who as I mentioned previously, plans to put a court in the White House, if elected... awesome.

Dear Barack,

I must say that I love the fact you're a basketball enthusiast like myself, and you play whenever you have free time from campaigning for presidency. Granted, you're older than me, so our on court styles may differ. However, after reading some of the comments on Free Darko, where some people have said what I have been thinking for some time, coupled with all of the pics of you on the hardwood, I have to ask the question...

What is up with the tucked in shirt?

I mean, honestly Barack, you're dressing like my dad, and he's in his 60's! It's a mean tuck too, you're not allowing any overflow, it's almost like you're wearing a one piece jumper. Now I'm going to let the track pants slide, but the only people who tuck in their tops to play basketball are NBA players, (because they have to), and old people. You're not that old, and the fact you play, and have a little game, makes you hip. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see you stepping out with some over sized saggy shorts, but you're playing pick-up, a free flowing sport, don't restrict yourself.

If I saw you step on the court, I would figure, hmm, maybe I should take it easy on this old guy? But you should want people to go at you, so you can shut them down, since you say your game is like Tayshaun Prince's. If you want people to take you seriously on the court, or as the president, take that damn shirt out of your pants.


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Safari said...

B.O. is trying to convey his authority by styling his 'Coach Look'.