Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"My name is Calvan Fowler... and I'm a Jordan Head."

The VI’s, (#6), were my first Jordans. I made a trade for them, I think I traded a sheepskin hat for a beat up pair of infra-red VI’s. They were bigger than my size too, I wear a size 7, they were an 8 1/2 or something. I didn’t even care, I had to have them. I wore them recently, like maybe a year ago, now these are the OG VI’s from '90, and I went to take out the garbage, and the soles fell apart! There was foam flying everywhere, all in the air, and I was coughing, and it was an embarrassing sight. I live in the hood, so people outside saw it and were looking at me like "What the hell is wrong with this guy?" So I just took the sneakers off my feet and just threw them in the garbage, and was like 'What could you do?' I couldn’t hold onto them too long cause they were cracking in the front as well, so I would take a black marker and fill them in, and do whatever have you. But I couldn’t do anything for that, not even a shoe doctor could fix that.

Calvan Fowler is the Director of the upcoming movie Jordan Heads, a documentary about Air Jordans & the people that love them.
To check out ABDB's behind the scenes video of the last shot for the film, click here.

Size 22 shout outs to Chris from Sole Searching at Slam Online for linking me over there.

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