Monday, September 22, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes.

In 2003-'04 where the Toronto Raptors endured another losing season, the franchise changed up their game and added the alternate red uniforms. Definitely a "good look", as they say in the streets, and pulled the squad another step away from the Dino/Barney Dynasty. While I can safely assume that merchandise sales saw a significant spike with the new unis, they were also markedly patriotic with the crimson red, and maple leaf additions. So now, with the reds becoming the official road threads, Maple Leaf Sports needed to get another alternate revenue stream... err sorry, another alternate jersey. Word on the streets is, Bosh and the boys will be wearing black this year. Well you know what they say... "real men wear black", or does this mean Raptors is the new black?

Regardless, we've come a long way from this eh?

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