Monday, November 17, 2008

Never Let Them See You...

I will admit, on the court, I'm a pretty profuse sweater. However, I always remember watching Patrick Ewing play when I was a kid, and marvelled how he had always looked like he stepped out of the shower with his uniform on, (during the first quarter no less). That was an era before DRI-Fit or any technologically advanced uniforms were developed, so nowadays, it shouldn't be as bad right?

Wrong. Players still sweat, but it's not as noticeable, that is unless they are posting you up. Which of course, if you play ball, you know all about that gross sharing of bodily fluids. Channing Frye of the Portland Trailblazers, who is a bit of a perspirer himself, was recently asked to name his 5 Sweatiest Players in the NBA. Here's his list from bottom to top: #6 because he just had to be included, Greg Oden, (Trailblazers), #5 Channing Frye, (Trailblazers), #4 Malik Rose (Kincks), #3 Zach Randolph (Knicks), #2 Shaquille O'Neal (Suns) and #1 drumroll Nick Collison (Thunder).

While he credits Collison with the number one spot as "he's just gross", Shaq gets the follow-up because it's like "a &#@!%*$ river coming off his head."

I don't know whether to laugh or cringe.

Thanks to Jason Quick with the drip drip at The Oregonian.

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