Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Away From It All?

So last week I was away on vacation visiting family in St. Kitts. For those that don't know St. Kitts is a small island in the Caribbean, suffice it to say I had plenty of sun, warm weather and relaxation. Ironically I was blogging more than usual down there... so much for vacation. I came prepared to ball and found numerous courts, but when I was ready to run, came up empty.

With the weather being what it is, I couldn't blame them. Basketball is St. Kitts' fastest growing sport, taking a back seat to cricket, and surprisingly beating out football/soccer, they've also had a few players go on to receive D-2 scholarships. I should have gone to the extent of setting something up, but that would have only led to me playing ball each and every day, not good considering I'm nursing an injury that is taking a while to heal.

I kind of regret it though, there's something to be said about playing on a court and looking to your right and seeing dormant volcanoes with clouds laying at their peak like pillows or looking to your left and seeing the serene Atlantic glow from the sun beaming down on it. Ah, just as well, it would definitely affect my concentration on the court.

Maybe next time...

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