Thursday, November 27, 2008


Nothing more need be said. But I will say it regardless, I HATE THE HYBRIDS. I remember when I was a kid, playing in the street and making concoctions. Mixing gravel, sand, water, grass and whatever elements I could find into a goopy mix. Then after I had my fun with it, I would dump it down the sewer. However, some Victor Frankenstein over at the Innovation Kitchen at Nike decided not to dump his machinations, but throw it on the shelves for everyone to consume this December.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Air Jordan 2.5. While trying to contain the vomit in my mouth as I witnessed the Air Force 1/Jordan hybrid series, Nike takes it one incestuous step further merging two of the best models of the Jordan line, (II & III). FUGLY. I'm not wishing ill on anyone, but we all know how the Frankenstein movie ended as one of the themes of Mary Shelley's original novel, was it's cautionary tale of man or science taking it one step too far and trying to play god. Personally, this is the sneaker equivalent... blasphemous!

Thanks to First Cuts for ruining my day.

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