Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Charles Barkley Likes Old Dicks.

When is Sir Charles going to pick a decent opponent?

First he beats 67 year old NBA official Dick Bavetta in an on court sprint during All-Star Break last year... backpedaling! Now he's playing one-on-one against 69 year old ESPN college hoops guru Dick Vitale. Even though Sir Charles has become an even rounder mound of rebound he hasn't had any trouble with the challenges he's faced, so I'm calling him out.

You're a fake Barkley. Stop going up against these lightweights, stiffs that are 20 years your senior!

So for as much mouth as you have Mr. Barkley, I'm challenging you to the battle of your choosing, name the time the place the activity/sport, you can even bet on it... that you'll lose.

Dime Magazine, now look what you done did?

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