Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1-on-1 with Justin Timberlake?

I posted this on my personal blog last October, and thought it was more than appropriate for ABDB.

Walking into the gym at my regular pick-up basketball run, I noticed that the 3 women in attendance tripled the usual Friday estrogen quotient by 300%, odd. My instincts were correct and I discovered that Justin Timberlake's in town shooting a movie and is supposed to be coming by and getting his hoop on.

Now I was an N'Sync fan, and swore by his solo debut Justified, however I wasn't too pleased with how he sold Janet down the river with the whole "Nipplegate" incident. I revoked his ghetto pass, and while his new album is undeniable, I've never felt the same about the guy. But now I was feeling a little giddy, I mean it's Justin, and I know he has some skills on the hardwood. Am I going to be throwing him a no-look pass, or will I be posting him up? Imagine the profile pic on Facebook...

I was brought out of my daydream by an errant ball and was reminded why I was there in the first place, to get my game straight. So while picking teams, our boy who was supposed to be bringing in Mr. "Sexyback", rolled in with a diesel dude, who apparently is Justin's trainer. So no Justin, no big deal, everyone would have been doing their best to impress him and all. Would've been fun, but that's about as close as I think I'll get to crossing over Justin Timberlake.

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