Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Madness!

I will confess, I don't follow college hoops as closely as I used to. Throughout the season I check in on the rankings periodicaly, we always know who has the strong programs and who the top coaches are, but for the most part I don't buckle down until tourney time. This is when the cream rises to the top, when that college player they have been harping on all season really proves they have the grit and pedigree to carry their school to destiny. Honestly, there is no better basketball than March Madness, on any given night anyone can win, and it delivers some of the most exciting basketball the tournament so far has been a perfect example.

While there were upsets, no Cinderellas have been invited to the Final Four dance with the Elite Eight consisting of 4 number ones, 2 number twos and 2 number threes, the best of the best are here. I didn't complete a bracket at the beginning of the NCAA's, so it would be presumptuous to sit and pick a winner based on who's left. What I will guarantee though, is some exciting basketball and some great moments, however, you don't have to follow college hoops that closely to know all of that.

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