Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Bosh Baby Drama" Is Poor Journalism By The Star's Feschuk.

Well everyone loves drama and Chris Bosh is in the middle of it. Amidst allegations of abandoning the mother of his child and cutting off financial support during her pregnancy, the Raptors power forward is under a lot of scrutiny. I'm not one to comment on court cases before they've been ruled on, but regardless of fact or fiction this is news. Society wants to know everything about our athletes good or bad, however we tend to hone in on the bad. With the Raptors dismal season some people would love to have something to point to, or explain how it all unraveled yet I don't think this is the reason.

As a writer, and someone who is a fan of basketball, I consume all information on the sport and it's players. Unfortunately while it is newsworthy, I feel this story is not a story for a "sports columnist" to write. This is a personal matter, and Bosh's status by virtue makes it a public one, but there are no merits to this story being connected to his on court play or the Raptors performance. "sports columnists" shouldn't be trying to get their Maury Povich or TMZ on with sensationalist journalism making "deadbeat dad" comments.

Oh I know Feschuk, you didn't make the headline, "Your editor wrote it." You are a sports writer, not a celebrity insider, nor are you a family matters analyst. You're a reporter but you report on basketball, if a player murdered someone would you be writing the investigative story for the Star? I think this is in bad taste, I'm not saying this to absolve CB4 of the accusations he is facing, I just think that you should know better.

However I'm sure you'll find out next time you're at a Raptors practice, or in the locker room, or when you are trying to get any news or information from players. I'm sure they would be glad to sit and chat and have a latte with you, knowing any misstep they make off the court is just as fair game as any move they make on it. I think you'll really have to rely on twitter as a source for quotes as I don't think anyone will be talking to you.

If you are going to pin this crappy season on Bosh and his baby drama you really haven't been paying attention. I think you really need to take a bigger look at the picture here, and maybe you haven't been following this ball club as closely as you would have us believe. But then again, you are a sports columnist right?

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