Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Paging Jamaal Magloire... Your career is on the line."

As a Toronto native, Jamaal Magloire turned the corner playing in the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, but since leaving the Hornets, Bucks, Blazers, Nets and Mavericks, he may have in fact jumped the shark. I saw Jamaal play garbage time in Dallas last season while the Mavericks were blowing out the Sonics. Yes he got his, but he didn't look anything like the player that averaged 13 points, 10 boards, and a block per game four years ago.

I've always discussed with my friends (pre-J.O. trade), that the Raptors should try and get Magloire. My logic was that he had something to prove, and possibly a new change of scenery and some West Indian home cooking would be the remedy. He would be a solid interior presence alongside Chris Bosh, and could provide that toughness that we have been longing for. He's a better defender than Rasho Nasterovic, (please disregard diagram to the right), and he could easily challenge for starter minutes, and would be available on the cheap. Unfortunately, for my aspirations, and likely the reason that Bryan Colangelo is the VP & GM, it never happened.

Now, the Miami Heat have come to terms with the free agent and he will be manning the pivot with Mark Blount, fellow Canadian Joel Anthony and Alonzo Mourning when he returns. Coming off of a league worst 15-67 season record last year, the Heat have only way to go this season. He won't be expected to score much, just rebound alongside some other capable boarders, (Haslem, Marion, Beasley), man the middle and play defence.

Personally, I feel this is a great opportunity for him to shine and really want this guy to make a comeback.

The real question is, does he?

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Allan said...

Playing for Team Canada could have really helped him..why he never does it is beyond me. I'm personally disappointed for Jamaal's lack of national pride and unwillingness to rep his country @ world stage. I'm sure he has his reasons and having a float @ Caribana is a much higher priority then repping the country that gave you the opportunity to be something....