Friday, August 15, 2008

Deshawn Stevenson is sweet. "No Homo".

I always had a problem with that expression. Having to qualify any and every comment you make about another male, just so you don't come off as being "gay", is just homophobic. Ironically, myself and my good friend Studley always had issues with two men singing an R&B love song together. I mean really, it somewhat strikes me odd when two men are serenading each other.

So when Deshawn Stevenson, and his homeboy Richard Millsap decided to put their lip synch moves on You Tube, it was hard to fathom why grown-ass men would do this. Isn't this the stuff that 13 year old girls do in their bedroom? Fortunately, someone smarter decided to pull their blazing rendition of Ginuwine's "So Anxious", so you're only left with Usher's "Love In The Club". Enjoy.

Good thing the folks at Dime are always on the look out for bedroom superstars.

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