Friday, July 11, 2008

What If?

Because we're not going to stop talking about the Olympics until the end of August, we may as well embrace it.

I came across some international hoops lore, that I wasn't aware of. I had no idea that the year of my birth, was linked to USA Olympic basketball infamy. At the 1972 Olympics in Munich, the Men's USA Basketball team, sporting a 63-0 Olympic record, was dealt it's first ever loss in controversial fashion. Playing the Soviet Union in the gold medal match, Doug Collins, (yes that Doug Collins), put the U.S. up 50-49, knocking down two free throws with 3 seconds left. Although the Soviets failed to score as time expired, they were awarded two additional attempts to replay the time remaining. Scoring on the second opportunity, the Soviets won the gold medal 51-50.

Of course the U.S. squad protested the medal ceremony and the outcome, which was voted down, and they refused to accept their silver medals... even to this day. So as a statement to show that our good friends south of the border have no bitter feelings, Converse will be releasing the What If pack.

The What If pack includes the classic Pro Leather Hi, Converse 0100 and the OX, detailed with vintage suede leather, as well as gold on the heel and tongue. Now the team can get their gold, and anyone else in China for that matter, where they will be available surrounding the Olympics. They will also be available in limited locations in the U.S.

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