Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carmelo Anthony's favourite sneaker of all time.

Yes really.

When someone asks you what is your favourite anything of all time, you contemplate, ponder and take time to be sure. However, when it's something you're passionate and confident about the answer comes relatively quickly.

So when ABDB asked Carmelo, what were his favourite sneakers of all time, that weren't Melos, (pro athletes tend to forget their favourites in favour of their own), he thought for a moment... Then looked down at his feet, gave them a wiggle and said "These ones I have on now, the Jordan Olympia."

Not to hate on the Jordan Olympia, they're inspired by the Jordan X, pay tribute to past Jordan athletes who have competed in the Olympics, and are a pretty good looking shoe. I'm sure they're quite comfortable Melo, maybe even the most comfortable and best performance sneakers you have ever worn, but come on really?

This shoe trumps every other shoe on the planet?

Even those that you have a sentimental attachment to?

Not one edition of the Air Jordans 1-23 are as good as the Olympia?

Now who's to say that they're not his all time favourite, but most people would say, the Air Jordan III, or the Air Force 1, or the Dunk. The Olympia just seems like a quasi-political answer, and when it comes to favourites, people just want to know what you like... the individual preference from the person, not the pitch man.

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