Saturday, July 5, 2008

Father knows best.

Toronto Raptors President & GM Bryan Colangelo comes from a fine pedigree, as the son of sports mogul Jerry Colangelo. Bryan earned his stripes under the shadow of his father as the General Manager of the Phoenix Suns for the past 11 years. Stepping out into his own in 2006, he single handedly made the Raptors into a legitimate NBA franchise, and won the NBA Executive of the Year in 2007 for his efforts.

Colangelo has raised the basketball, (and style), standard in the city of Toronto. However his dad is no slouch either as the former President, GM, snd part-owner of the Phoenix Suns, and current Director for U.S.A. Basketball, putting the best ballers America has to offer to bring home the gold in Beijing. So what does Papa Colangelo think about Bryan's work in the T-Dot?

"Bryan who?", (awkward silence, followed by uncontrollable laughter). "No seriously, I’m very proud of him, miss him back in Arizona and he’s done a great job." Jerry says. "When he was a kid, he was always telling me what to do. Commenting on what trades I was making, and now it’s my turn, and I can second guess him from time to time, hahaha. No, I’m very supportive of what he’s done."

With Bryan gaining his dad's approval, and the trust of the majority of Toronto fans, if he can just do something about that Bargnani draft pick, everything would be golden.

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