Friday, December 18, 2009

My Christmas Sweater.

To tell you the truth, I'm not the most festive fella. You won't see me getting my Bing Crosby on, however, I will likely be dipping into the egg nog. But the good folks at Undercrown have something in their Holiday 2009 Collection that will definitely get me in the spirit.

The Pick & Roll hoody is only available in red, so take that Santa! The graphic is so fresh and so clean. Of course only the ballers know that this little play is the most surefire way to get 2 points, and really can't be stopped with the myriad of ways it unfolds. See: Stockton and Malone.

I guess I will have to see if I'm naughty or nice if I end up getting my Christmas sweater this year, but come on, what else would I rather be wearing on Dec. 25th when I'm watching Kobe vs Lebron, (I can see the puppet commercials already)?

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