Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Where My Dogs @?"

I'm a dog lover, I have a 2 year old Jack Russell named Blue and he's my guy. My love for sneakers almost rivals my love for my dog although sneakers have been in my life much longer. The joke around the house is that Blue is a destroyer, any chew toy put in front of him has a life expectancy of about 8 hours. Yet while he hasn't taken a penchant for chewing on footwear, I wonder what he would do with this?

The folks over at the London design collective Vinti Andrews took the Air Jordan 5 and re crafted it into a canine... none too shabby. Giving new meaning to "walking the dog" this purebred will not heed the words of the Dog Whisperer. Now can someone talk to Jordan Brand about making dog booties for the winter?
Bonus pic of the Air Max Dog.

Thanks to Freshnessmag for the tip.

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