Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Forward This E-Mail To Bryan Colangelo.

Last night my best friend DG came through with tickets to the Raptors game.
The Raptors after a hard fought game eventually beat the Timberwolves 110 - 102, I lamented to him how everyone was getting excited about this victory. Beating a team without their best player that has an 18-38 record, despite how hot they have been lately is what they're supposed to do.

I thought his response was interesting and I'm posting it as it raises some good points and questions, honestly the e-mail may be better suited in Bryan Colangelo's inbox. Feel free to forward it along.

DG: Be grateful for the win, we lost to Oklahoma City.

Realistically speaking, can Calderon, Bosh, Bargnani and Marion(or other FA) constitute the core of a winner in the NBA? I like Marion but most championship teams have a guard or sf who can create off the dribble. I have seen Jose do that but not sure if he looks to beat his man as his first option.

So assume:

Bosh is a 20/10 guy every night
Bargnani is a 20/5 guy every night
Marion 15/10 guy
Calderon puts up 15 and gets 10 assists

The insert whoever else at the 2/3, Graham, Parker someone else.

So this is best case, your key guys are putting up 70 points a night, we know there is no depth so that’s a big problem if anyone is hurt.
Do you feel we can challenge in the East? On paper it looks good, but when I think about it, even with those numbers I don’t see us beating Cleveland or Boston, Orlando maybe.

So I think we have overlap in the 3 & 4 (Bosh, Marion, Graham), no real depth in the PG spot or even the SG spot. The other thing is Bargnani and Bosh have to show me they can step up and play against good teams.

Don’t want to start rebuilding again, but can we win around the three key pieces we have? If so what do we need to add, what will it cost?


Heyhomee said...

Better question, "Can you win an NBA championship and stay under the luxury tax?"

Wall $t. said...

Who cares about a luxury tax when the revenue you can generate from winning a championship is worth it all & more?

The Craptors cannot win with the current lineup they have, don't have enough attractive pieces to attract a top level free agent & have "won too much" to find help in the lottery that will create a significant & immediate impact for 2010.

Whether they traded Bosh this year or at trade deadline in 2010, the results can't be that much different. Why hold out to claim you want to keep Chris after spin doctoring the Screamin' A. Smith report about him bolting?

Everyone knows he's gone, so go get some young, relatively seasoned NBA talent & rebuild around (gulp) Chef Barg-nan-i & No Way (I'm Playin' Defense) Caleron (no D!).

I suggested a trade with Phoenix straight up for STAT, but that's not going to happen now or ever, so why not pull the trigger on a trade with Golden State?

GS would have a core of Bosh, Ellis, Stephen Jackson & Corey Maggette, though I would never bet the ranch on CM50 with his injury-prone ass! It would be exciting ball in the Bay again & a fringe playoff team that would scary a couple people out West.

The Craptors would get defense & rebounding & some toughness for once with Biedrins & Turiaf, a young swing with skills & attitude in Anthony Randolph, who, with the right coach(not Triano), can be developed & Marco Belinelli can be thrown into the sauce, literally, with AB7.

The oldest guy in that deal would be Turiaf, whose engine never stops running, would be an instant fan favorite & the Craptors could reinvigorate their fan base in the world's most ethnically diverse city with a Latvian, Frenchman, 2 Italians & A Spainiard. Jawai doesn't count... LOL!

Colangelo will finally have the Eurobasket team he's always lusted after & Toronto might actually have a real reason to get excited about a team that could do no worse than the current Dino Hoopsters...

Thoughts? I'm feeling veklempt...Talk amonst yourselves!