Friday, February 27, 2009

L.A. L.A. Big City Of Dreams.

Ice Cube and Snoop are west coast rap icons and die hard hoops fans. Sitting courtside whenever possible, and players in the NBA Entertainment League, the two G's always represent for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Backstage on the set of Snoop's new TV show Snoop After Dark, they're discussing which Lakers jersey's should be hung from the rafters. But Kobe's #8 jersey? Not so fast my friends, I hope you guys haven't been enjoying too much of that Cali Cush. You can't hang up someone's jersey while they're still wearing it, and you can't retire Kobe's without retiring the Diesel's.

Fortunately this is definitely way better viewing than watching Paris Hilton's freestyle with the Doggfather.

Thanks to Peace Magazine for the tip.

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