Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Sugar" Ray Emery comes back swinging.

Oddly enough, this is not hoops related, heck it's not even a ball that does or doesn't bounce, but yours truly has done another column for the fine folks at AOL Sports Canada. The subject? The goalie everyone loves to hate... Ray Emery. It's interesting how he gets booted out of the league for doing less than Sean Avery, but I don't touch on that in my piece. I'll use the intro that they put in front of my piece to speak on it. Feel free to rate, hate, vote, comment or what have you, thanks.

For Ray Emery, an underdog that no one is betting on to come out on top, a successful return to the NHL would be sweet redemption. But to quiet his doubters, the new Philadelphia Flyers goaltender can’t rely purely on his physical skills. Mentally the decisions and choices he makes on and off the ice, as opposed to the catlike instincts he utilizes in the net, will be far more important, writes Duane Watson.

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